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Bioxil Hair Loss Lotion

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Bioxil Lotions
12 x 8 ml phials
Functional intensive treatment for the prevention of hair loss. Has no added perfumes. Bioxil Lotion’s effectiveness is the result of the synergy of two active ingredients: AUXINA TRICOGENA, which improves metabolic exchanges between hair and blood circulation and TRIMETILXANTINA which stimulates and encourages this action.
Directions: before applying the product, wash the hair with the specific BIOXIL shampoo, massage the scalp and pour out the contents of a phial. Massage the hair in order to get as close as possible to the roots. Leave the product for a few minutes, then style as usual. Do not rinse.

INTENSIVE TREATMENT Bioxil shampoo + Bioxil phials 2 or 3 times a week.

PREVENTION AND MAINTENANCE Bioxil shampoo + Bioxil phials once or 2 times a week.

AUXINA TRICOGENA: Is an alcoholic vegetable extract obtained by selective extraction. This is a special complex having a stimulating effect on the hair root. It works by normalising the respiratory exchanges between hair roots and blood circulation.
CAFFEINE: It is easily absorbed by the scalp, improving and stimulating the peripherical dermic circulation.
VITAMIN E: Antioxidant action. It protects from free radicals.damage from the sun’s rays.
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